Saturday, July 11, 2009

Under every full moon

That was great fun! Decided to have a create your own quote contest on Twitter. For 2 or 3 years now I've had this phrase in my head, "under every full moon" and wanted to write a sentence out of it but for some reason no words would ever come. That's the first time I thought about having some type of contest. But, I decided I didn't have the time or desire to set it up.

Then after I joined Twitter a few months ago I thought maybe now's a good time to do it. But still decided against it.

Then in May, Robert Brault posted a make your own quote entry on his blog. It was like a choose your own adventure multiple choice type quote (see the post here), and it was so fun I finally decided to go ahead with my own.

And so a few days ago on Twitter I issued the challenge to complete the thought "Under every full moon..." in less than 100 characters. I received a few dozen replies, and I had a great time reading through them and choosing a winner. I love people's creativity!

The winner was Lorraine Skylark (@Larked), "Under every full moon, a woolgathering world idles," which was posted on my Daydreaming page. I also published a page of honorable mentions here.

It was fun and definitely worth it, so I plan to do it again every once in a while using some new prompts. Yeah for writing!

"The world is but a canvas to the imagination." ~Henry David Thoreau


  1. Terri,

    A nice set of responses and a worthy winner. Naturally I can't resist offering one of my own:

    "Under every full moon, memories stir of the dreamers we were."

    And if I may be permitted a strictly personal version:

    Under every full moon
    I recall a lagoon
    Where an orchestra plays,
    And memories stir
    Of the dreamers we were
    In those honeymoon days.


  2. Ha! I have that Thoreau comment on my page. It is one of my favs.

    And I couldn't resist, I know the contest if over but this is just for fun:

    Under every full moon the earth dances and the stars laugh at the oblivious dreamers.

  3. Dear Terri,

    I finally found you here. I have more than 20 blogs which not all are active. But I have few which I manage to run in random activity.

    "Under every full moon, my mind can be left stagnant in hebetude and no matter how I desire to write, words remained unwritten while smitten by the beauty of that mysterious bright yellow ball hovering in the sky."~LCDancel, August 7, 2009. (That is my real name)

    I sent you email but am not going to wait for you reply.

    Instead, I would like you to visit my Congratulatory Tribute to your 11th Year celebration of your online Quote Gardening.

    Thanks for giving me your kind permission to link your Quote website to my Adage, Maxim and Quote blog.

    There is more here.

  4. "The book of moonlight is not written yet nor half begun." -- Wallace Stevens (1879 - 1955)