Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thanks for the light

I ran another create your own quote contest on Twitter a few days ago, the prompt was "The light..." I am grateful to everyone who submitted, there were lots of great entries. The morning I posted the contest I was actually feeling a bit down which is quite rare for me, but when the entries began rolling in I was immediately uplifted by people's inspiring thoughts. You all definitely brought some light into my heart, thank you! Here are some of my favorites:

"The light is what guides you home, the warmth is what keeps you there." ~Ellie Rodriguez, @sapphiremoon13 (winner)

"The light of starry dreams can only be seen once we escape the blinding cities of disbelief." ~Shawn Purvis, @shawnpurvis (

"The light keeps us on the right path, shows us the present and gives us faith that the future is ahead - shining bright." ~Shara Day, @sharaday

"The light goes out on purpose sometimes so we can get lost and then realize we weren't even on the right path to begin with." ~Michelle Christine, @Shellzs333

"The light might seem unreachable - but there is still a little hope if there's a tiny little light inside your heart." ~Nina Cremer, @NinaCremer

"The light is always shining, to see it we must stop focusing on the shadows it casts." ~Kim Clarkin, @Kimberleyhaa

The contest page is at


  1. I love these quotes, Terri. They are inspiring and quite beautiful. It is important for each of us to find our 'inner light'. Once we find it, we'll never lose our direction in life.

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday! May the new year bring you many blessings...and many new quotes to share with everyone.(smile)

    Wishing you the best,

  2. Terri, I found your site The Quote Garden and love it! Thank you for sharing quotes you find. I posted some of the quotes to a recent blog post with a link to your site.
    Thanks for putting a big smile on my face today reading through some of the great quotes you have collected.