Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An addendum to games with quotes

An addendum to my games with quotes posting from last year: I found this book on called Quote-doku by Henry Hook. The description is "Now, puzzle fans can get their sudoku fun and their word fix, too! A quote-doku begins with a sudoku grid where solvers enter numbers into cells, some with small letters in them. When all the cells are filled correctly, the anagramming begins - and the sweet payoff is an amusing quotation." I've never played sudoku but I have friends who do; looks like an interesting and creative book for puzzle and quote lovers!

"Our whole life is solving puzzles." ~Erno Rubik


  1. I've been visiting your Quote Garden site for years, but I never paid attention to the person behind it all, someone who loves quotes even more than I do. I've also been collecting quotes for decades, and have manila folders, notebooks and now computer files full of them. Each one that catches my attention seems like a little philosophy exercise, and I love thinking about the ramifications of some of them...or just the beauty of the mind and soul that originated the thought. Thank you for your work!

  2. Your hobby of collecting quotes has inspired so many. More power to you!