Saturday, June 7, 2014

Summer afternoon with a book

Sometimes we take for granted wit and wisdom that we can get on the internet free of charge. And sometimes we only remember that when we are holding that wit and wisdom in our own hands, in paper form. The words feel different not only to the touch but to the mind as well. That’s one of the many reasons I’ll be a lifelong lover of books. The most recent book in my collection is Robert Brault’s new Round Up the Usual Subjects: Thoughts on Just about Everything, a 200-page compilation of some great lines spanning many years of his writings. It’s sorted by subject so it’s great not only for general browsing but also to pick up and quickly find an inspiration on whatever topic you’re seeking at the moment (essential for quotation anthologists!). This afternoon it’s coming along with me and some tea and cherries during a break from chores and cleaning.

The book is available for preview and purchase on CreateSpace and Amazon, more information here:

“The ultimate regret is to realize that what you asked of life was never sufficient to make you happy.” ~Robert Brault

Robert Brault book