Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fear cannot

I am already too familiar with what fear can do. For me personally, fear can trick me into overeating. It can lead me to stress out, lose my balance, neglect my body's needs, and spend my energy worrying instead of doing something positive. Sometimes fears come true; lots of times they don't. What I am more interested in knowing is what fear can't do. That's why the prompt for the most recent create your own quote contest on Twitter was Fear cannot... Thanks everyone for lots of great entries, here are some of the highlights:

"Fear cannot take what you do not give it." ~Christopher Coan, @Wisetree63 (winner!)

"Fear cannot destroy your dreams, only you can." ~Michelle Kurka, @mnkurka

"Fear cannot solve problems, but it can make it difficult to find solutions." ~Ruby, @TheRuubster

"Fear cannot give us the adrenaline to push forward until we realize it is the fear in us that holds us back." ~J Beard, @promoterofpeace

"Fear cannot stifle true faith." ~Sara Farnum Alviz, @runningveganmom

"Fear cannot be unless you let it be!" ~Anu Ewebiyi, @anuewe